The story so far.

Lots of blogs seem a bit stuck just now: what to moan about?

The excellent Letters From A Tory is winding up, so it would appear is The Orange Party, Guido is valiantly harping on about Caroline Spelman… but there’s something missing. The srongest stuff is actually on Conservative Home, especially the Tim Montgomerie post mortem on the campaign.

The Knife is, despite what you might infer, not a Tory. I am a paid-up member of the anti-Labour movement though, so recent events have been very welcome. So far.

However, the usual problem of  “death becomes her” has emerged, something along the lines of Gordon being a political colossus, granite determination, saved the banks (yawn), massive…er…integrity, blah blah bloody blah. The reliably ludicrous Anthony Seldon is one example.

So thanks to Jeff Randall and Richard “brokeback” Littlejohn, for their useful and comprehensive summaries of recent British political history.

Just in case you were slipping back:

“..Our never-elected, departing Prime Minister always put himself and his party first. The national interest came a distant third, and sometimes even fourth. Policies were pursued not for the public good, but simply to lay a bear trap for his opponents.

Frankly, I have been astonished by the generous tributes paid to Brown, who dragged British politics into the sewer, bankrupted the country, lied and cheated as a basis for negotiation, refused ever to accept any blame for his own incompetence, and even tried to mount an outrageous and cynical last-minute coup to remain in office after being resoundingly rejected by the electorate.

Far from being the towering, moral statesman of his own myth, Brown was a vain, weak, cowardly, bullying Prime Minister with a sociopathic sense of entitlement. We are well rid of him and his odious gang of accomplices, primarily the malignant crook Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, who was responsible for the demented, scandalous smear campaign which drove Dr David Kelly to his death.

With the slippery grasp on truth and reality for which he is legendary, Campbell spent the past few days touring television studios protesting that the Tories had lost the election and Labour had won and therefore should be allowed to form a ‘progressive’ government with the Liberals, even though it still wouldn’t command a majority in the House..”

Keep it boring please Dave. However if the lefty bloggers are any good, they’ll soon be having a field day.

...there be monsters, my child.

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