Buffoon of the decade

Calton Hill in Edinburgh is imposing and grand during the day, looking out over the city’s New and Old Towns and down Princess St.  At night it is known for drugs and dodgy pick ups. It was with fervent hope therefore after the first leaders’ debate, when Alex Salmond appeared there, looming up out of the Scottish night, that a passing junkie would mug him on live TV.  Sadly it wasn’t to be.

Eck was at his gurning, leering bombastic worst. A puffball of self-generated hyperbole and anger, sneering at the three debaters, ITV and the rest of the UK, with his usual effortless gracelessness.

No you can't...now **** off.

His delusion of real power is not supported by the facts. A pathetic 6 SNP Westminster MP’s compared with 11 Lib Dems, despite his apparent rule in Scotland via Holyrood. His share of the vote a dismal 20%.

Holyrood is a glorified council talking shop. If independence actually materialised, Salmond would fill his pants. Scotland is in no fit state to run its economy on whisky and a patchy tourist industry. No UK government would ever hand over the oil industry lock stock and barrel.

From being cap in hand (and resentful) to Westminster, it would be begging for help from the discredited Eurozone.

Eck is like Robert Mugabe and Gerry Adams – a fine title, a few limousines and a free mansion and he’s happy.

Eck’s most notable achievement to date has been to let loose a terrorist who murdered his fellow Scots, and then lie about the reasons for this appalling decision.

Scotland is a great place, but an economic nightmare .

Under smug Eck it always will be.

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