Coyote Clegg

Nick Clegg

Cleggy will gnaw off his arm rather than wake up with Gordon. His position is really pretty weak, but nice lad and a couple of good ideas. However,  not Vince for Chancellor.

Mandy is Gordon’s pimp, but sadly the wrinkles are a bit too prominent, his price has plummeted

In fact Mandy, like Lord Owen, will eventually come over, in future years, whoever his grandfather was, although by then he’ll be confirmed as an end of the pier act. In keeping with his Child Catcher persona.

Shame for Anthony Calvert, but Blinky’s survival gives the unions a dog in the fight. The ensuing turf war will not appeal to the electorate.

Gordon, you should grab any “academic job” offered to you, even if it’s Heriot Watt.

Maybe Guido is right, and Fraser Nelson wrong. A respectable battle of principle and ideology, with a little mould breaking. That’s where the media and public interest will soon be focussed.

So farewell Gordon, Mandy, Ed, Millipede major and minor, the whole rotten gang..

It’s been a blast.

Lord Mandelson

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