It’s not funny and it’s not clever…


...but you would indeed have a heart of stone not to laugh at the Guardian’s letters page:

..this is a time for Labour voters to hold their nerve, hoping to work for a better future from inside. Even if that were to have little effect, we all know in our hearts that the Tory alternative would be far worse….

Patrick Daunt

Little Abington, Cambridgeshire

…1 May 2010 was the day the Guardian ceased to be “my” newspaper; the paper that was part of life in my childhood home and throughout my adult life (I am now 60)… The disappointment that undoubtedly awaits me on the morning of 7 May is less than the sadness this has caused me today.

Dr Hartley Dean


This morning, with a heavy heart, I will make my way under the cover of darkness to my newsagent and with a red peg clasped firmly on to my nose. I will hand over my £1 so that Mr Patel, in a pre-arranged tactical move, can slide a copy of the Guardian from under the counter into my John Lewis carrier bag while I pretend to look at the selection of marmalades. Will I have to do this for three more days until normality can be resumed once Labour are returned, albeit grudgingly, as the new government on Friday morning?

Chris Trude


Yes, Labour’s record on poverty remains unmatched; yes, Labour’s link to the poor remains umbilical. And yes, I will continue to vote Labour. I can do no less. The liberal moment has not come for me.

Margaret Sinclair

Sutton, Surrey

Their distinguished columnists are not immune either:

Poll after poll suggests Cameron, as the cliche goes, has “failed to seal the deal”. So don’t believe the spin or hype. Take a step back. Remember where the goalposts were. Anything short of a convincing and comfortable majority for the Tories on Thursday will be a miserable failure for Cameron, Coulson and co.

Mehdi Hasan (4 and 1/2)


Actually Jackie...nice hat.

David Cameron is not only measuring the curtains for Downing Street, he’s almost at the point of filling the fridge and hanging Samantha’s paintings. The self-assurance is awesome, and perhaps a little too early. Here is a man who has morphed from party leader to prime minister in waiting over the past few days. Like the slave behind the victorious Roman emperor reminding him of his mortality, I’d just mutter in his ear two words: “Sheffield rally.” Back in 1992 Neil Kinnock was equally cocky about the election result, and look what happened to him….

Throughout this campaign Brown, who is fundamentally a good man with good instincts (?????????!!), has wanted to talk at people, not listen to them. It wasn’t the bigot word that Duffy hated, interestingly, but Brown’s phrase “that woman”, which seemed to sum up the dismissive attitude of Westminster to real people.

So if Cameron is taking people for granted, far too early in the game, Labour will have to confront the disaster of its campaign much more thoroughly and radically than some ministers seem to think…

Jackie Ashley

…..steady Jackie, you nearly made a good point there..


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