Decline and fall

Perhaps Guido will get his wish

Prime Minister, it's not a real watermelon..

“…Brown can lead the Labour Party over the abyss into electoral oblivion destroying the Labour Party as a party of government.  Statist, redistibutive social democracy has now been tested to the destruction of the nation’s finances. This election now presents an historic chance to break the Labour Party…

Poll after poll putting Labour third, Gordon grinding through the debates like a big old Vauxhall about to finally break down for good, and…Elvis??

It’s not possible to convey how utterly desperate and bankrupt the Labour campaign is without watching the video of Gordon and Elvis, mere words won’t suffice. The Knife’s personal favourite so far is Kay Burley barking questions at Gordon while she bosses him around a deserted carpark  (from 2min 10 sec). Gordon appears to be holding an invisible watermelon.

Kim Jong-il sees more of the unfiltered public than Gordon is allowed. Alastair Campbell is either:

1. Having another breakdown

2. Taking the piss


3. Completely past it

It’s probably too much to claim it’s a light-hearted postmodern…er…words fail me.

Mandy on the other hand is also complicit, but possibly for different reasons. The most plausible of which is Iain Martin’s vivid description of Lady Mandelson inveigling herself into Cleggie’s good books, to become (be still my beating heart) …. Prime Minister. Purely to hold the fort of course. For 5 years.

The only hope that most Labourites have is that this is indeed the scenario: Tories the biggest party, but Cleggie gets into bed with Labour as long as Gordon is taken out and shot.  The Postman and Milliband are positioned as the non-Mandy candidates.

Apart from the likely explosion – understandable – from Blinky through to OK types like Cruddas, it strikes  The Knife thinks that there is a more basic objection: we’ve just suffered the unelected Brown Terror for nearly 3 years, what on earth makes these tossers think that voters of all hues would accept the same thing again, immediately after the most heavily-publicised general election for decades?

They really have lost it. The dustbin of history awaits.

To Peter. x

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