Timeless quotes, iron dimples

Maggie was classier and funnier (at times) than people give her credit for. Here is an extract from the late Frank Johnson’s masterly compilation, The Best Seat In The House:

“Her principal target was the Chancellor . But before she launched into Mr Healey, a glancing blow was sustained by Mr Lever, the Dr Schacht of the present Wilson regime. Mr Lever’s answer to any problem was to borrow, she claimed.

Come and have ago if you think you're hard enough..

‘There are four ways of acquiring money –  make it,  earn it, marry it, borrow it. The Right Honourable Gentleman seems to know about all four’

..she made admirable play with the corny patter in Mr Healey’s budget speech about accumulation of material goods not bringing happiness. She produced  a newspaper cutting in  which Mr Healey was quoted as saying that he never saved, and that whenever he got any money, he would ‘go out and buy something for the house’. Mr Healey jumped up to demand the source of the quotation. ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, said Mrs Thatcher…”

who then went on to praise Healey’s excellent investment advice:

“Certainly, I know he’s spent money on buying houses in good Tory areas”

OK, not laugh-a-minute, but pretty effective and amusing. Not exactly common in Parliament these days.

In fact with regard to the making money quote, add a fifth way – stealing – and for ‘Lever’ read ‘Brown’.

Dave and George need to sharpen up a bit.


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