The mind of Gordon Brown, again

Further to The Knife’s assessment of this unpleasant concept, Iain Martin in the WSJ has provided further backing:

How would Gordon Brown know about commuting? As I said, he has been driven everywhere (with traffic cleared by motorcycle outriders since he became prime minister) for more than a decade. If he gets on a train, as he only occasionally does, it is straight into an area cleared for him in first class with aides carrying bags. He hasn’t checked in at an airport as a civilian for more than a decade either. No wonder he thinks everything in the country is running very smoothly…

With the further snippet regarding top “businessman” Mandy:

Lord Mandelson lives in a similar bubble. His idea of commuting is based on going business class on the Eurostar to Brussels, or when he travels first or business class across the Atlantic. I am reliably informed that the Dark Lord has never, I mean never, traveled  on the underground (they are trains that run under the ground, sir). Can that be true?

The boys from Brazil

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