You Gov et moi

The Knife has a theory about the shrinking You Gov Tory poll lead. Here’s how it is:

You Gov is aged leftie Peter Kellner’s operation.  He is married to the inutile Cathy Ashton, who somehow or other has become the first High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union . Cathy gets slagged off everyday by the French, Belgians, Germans etc for being inutile. She has been ordered to take remedial French lessons, by the Frogs. Every night therefore she is either on the phone crying to Peter, or coming home in tears. Peter is stressed out and can’t concentrate, so instead of actually doing proper polling, he just makes it up. After all, he’s got a lucrative daily contract with The Sun. His leftist subconscious then knocks a bit off the lead every few days, et voila!


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