Stupid and…stupider

Two separate pieces of reportage today , which illustrate how to waste everyone’s time.

First up, Lord Charlie Whelan, currently receiving a lot of incoming fire. His interview on Left Foot Forward starts badly:


Well you know its not up to me to disagree or agree with the PM. I’m the political director of Unite and no way would I dream of getting involved in any of the industrial disputes.”  and then proceeds to  drift even further from reality.

As the only people who are likely to get to the end of  this fantasy are his family, and drunks doing it for a bet, he’d have been far better spending the time fishing. You would nearly get more sense from Denis MacShane’s Twitter feed.


Secondly,  the occasionally sane Blairista,  John “Dracula” Rentoul. His huff with the BBC contains the “minority view” that the Hutton Inquiry actually retains a shred of credibility, and then proposes, with respect to dead Iraqis:  “My view is that the true figure is likely to be in the range of 100,000-150,000 and most unlikely to be anything like as high as 600,000”  as obviously the first figure is perfectly OK.

I shall employ Dracula logic when I next have to tell a family that their son/daughter has been killed in an accident: “Look  at it this way, it’s better than 5 people dead…”



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