He loves him, he loves him not…

There are a lot of New Labour types who do not want Gordon to win the election, when the Big Feartie finally calls it. Not because they love Dave, though he probably does appeal to them in a dinner partyish way, but primarily because they hate Gordon, and who can blame them, given his epic powers of destruction and utter uselessness?


A fairly standard example would be the slightly vampiric John Rentoul, who has kindly poured a little cold water on the poll fever:

“…Left Foot Forward has plotted “best fit” lines for the parties’ opinion poll ratings since the start of the year. And, lo! Projected forwards, they cross over, Labour overtaking the Conservatives, at almost exactly the point when the election is expected.


Which would be fine if you were plotting plant growth or soil erosion. But the reasons why people vote or change their minds about voting are driven by the challenges faced by politicians and how they respond to them. Like stock markets, poll ratings, even for the Labour Party, can go down as well as up…”

How Rentoul misses Tony! Which puts him in the same boat as other ostensibly labour supporting personalities, like Alistair Campbell, or even Mandy herself, who still gives the impression that there is  a deeply buried unresolved tiff.  The Knife frequently gets the feeling that however much they enjoy baiting the Tories, they probably hate Gordon even more.

Which makes sense.


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