A cure for cancer

Further to a recent post, the Daily Mail has updated things on al Megrahi. The battlin’  bomber’s Dad was quoted:

“His father, who is in his early 80s and keeps a vigil at his son’s side in the family’s plush villa in the capital Tripoli, still believes a ‘miracle’ could happen.

He said: ‘A close relative was diagnosed with a similar disease and he was treated and recovered completely. We hope that Abdelbaset recovers his health as well.

‘I think that the sick are not just cured by medicine, but also by having a high morale and a sense of freedom, and these were not available to Abdelbaset in prison.”

Prostate cancer

The Mail then wisely sought an alternative opinion, from someone who actually possesses a medical qualification:

“Last July, the Libyan government paid for Megrahi to be examined by three cancer specialists, among them British expert Professor Karol Sikora. It was their prognosis that won his freedom.

Professor Sikora told the Mail: ‘I am very surprised that he is still alive. He is not receiving any active treatment. The latest information I have from Tripoli is that he is not a well man, and I suspect he will be dead within a month or so.”

In the circumstances, a period of silence from Professor Sikora seems appropriate.


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