The second Lockerbie Disaster

The temperature in Scotland this week is hovering around zero,  from Glasgow to the Borders, two areas with which Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi has become familiar. Tripoli, on the other hand, is sitting in the sunny 20’s, a nice climate to spend the winter in a comfortable villa with all mod cons.

Greenock Prison...

As the Telegraph reports, Mr al-Megrahi  is still alive and kicking, and good for him, in a way. He has been the pawn in a geopolitical game, which allowed Alex Salmond and the dismal Kenny MacAskill to briefly strut their stuff on the world stage, albeit not to unanimous acclaim. Indeed, MacAskill’s epic pomposity was a TV highlight of last year. Lurking  back in the undergrowth are Mandelson,  the appalling Jack Straw, and of course, Blair.

The Knife has plenty of professional  experience of prostate cancer, and there was no way at all that the “experts” who advised that death was likely in 3 months – the only grounds for release – could have been that confident in making these claims. I believe that they realised this, but no doubt the pressure on them was considerable.  They have nevertheless tarnished the medical profession.


The politicians naturally come out of this stinking, but most of them went into it in the same state.


The Knife has a particular grudge against those members of the fourth estate, such as Alex Massie, who for reasons unclear to me, and the many commenters on the web, decided to become Salmond’s tame apologists.  Interestingly, they have been quiet on this one recently.

I happened to be going past Lockerbie on the M74 a couple of days after the bombing. It was the only time that I’ve seen a minimum speed limit on a motorway. The devastation was obvious. I have spoken to witnesses of the tragedy and its aftermath. Time may have deadened the feelings of outrage, but in its own way, this was an act of war, an early skirmish in our cherished War on Terror.

I have no doubt that others were involved in Lockerbie, including Gaddaffi himself, with whom I suppose  we must pragmatically maintain good relations.  Megrahi’s release was very wrong,  the moral high ground has been lost.


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