Gordon Brown is a ******* ****, possibly.

From The Sun:

“THE NHS is ruled by a “culture of fear” – with bosses more worried about hitting targets than caring for patients, damning reports reveal.

Labour’s huge upheavals in the health service have led to “chaos” rather than improvement, it is claimed.

It comes despite NHS funds almost TRIPLING from £39.9billion to £102billion in 11 years.”

Seems a lot of money.

Targets are a pain in the arse. They were a good tool, which many doctors initially resisted, foolishly, many years ago, and  ridiculously long waiting times were not defensible. However, what is the difference in health outcomes in waiting, say 4 months rather than 3 for surgery for a none life-threatening condition? Basically none. And if that month’s difference pulls scarce money from emergency treatments, which save life and limb, is it justifiable?

Er, no, but “there’s votes in it”, supposedly.

Which brings us to The Sun’s other story, about Gary Walker, former CEO of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT). I’ve no idea of the veracity of the claims, but it rings true:

It was “… claimed the CEO got the boot in a row with his superiors at NHS East Midlands over how best to meet targets.

It’s believed Mr Walker had argued non-urgent operations should be postponed in order to prioritise emergency patients.

Ex-colleague Mr Bowles, who quit his post over a similar row seven months ago, said: “The NHS has a culture where they just want a yes men.

“Gary Walker is not a yes man, he is a responsible, committed individual who was not prepared to compromise his principles.

Heil....er....you're all *****!

“Ministers want to be able to stand up in the House of Commons and make announcements on waiting times even while staff are complaining about patient safety.”

He got the sack though. For swearing.

Swearing????   Someone tell the Prime Minister.


Cussin’ son of the manse update!


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