Design classics (2) – the Mercedes W126 coupe

The obvious question here is: why don’t car manufacturers keep the best looking vehicles, just updating the engine, electronics etc as required? The W126 coupes, known as SEC’s, are so beautiful that there is not a single detail that I would change in their external appearance.

...from any angle

Manufactured between 1981 and 1991, not only were they aesthetically near-perfect, they were made from proper steel and industrial strength parts, so if they were looked after, they lasted. The fast ones were really fast – 5.6 litres of fun. No surprise that Ayrton Senna drove one when off duty.

The designer was inevitably an Italian, Bruno Sacco , who himself still drives the mighty 560SEC, his only disappointment with it apparently being the plastic door handle surrounds. I thought they looked alright..

They work too
..what's wrong with the handle?
The great Bruno

Not the subtlest SEC