Someone is owed an apology…

Who wrote this?

“I don’t believe at all that the war is over. I don’t believe it’s the end or remotely near the end. I said that when Baghdad falls, as fall it must given it’s being assailed by two such superpowers, that will not be the beginning of the end but just the end of the beginning. We are already, much more rapidly than most people predicted, into a cycle of occupation violence and resistance violence…

…They have poisoned the well in Iraq from the start, they are continuing to heap poison in to it, and they will drink bitterly from it in the months and years to come.

I honestly don’t think there are many people left in the UK who believe the reasons given for going into this war, even those who supported the war. It’s come to something when the British people have been fed such a diet of deception in order to persuade that to commit such a crime as this.

I’d be lying if I said there was a way they could undo this damage. I don’t think they can even if Mr Blair had a Damascene conversion tomorrow, and – heaven forbid – had second thoughts.

It will follow Blair and Bush through history, and unfortunately the two countries that they led as well.”


“I predicted before the war that Iraq would be the political death of Tony Blair, and it is now almost Shakespearean how the pain from his self-inflicted wounds is written across his face. It is as if he is physically diminishing before our eyes as his authority bleeds into the sands of Iraq. Each new day brings another stab at Blair’s credibility: former cabinet members in public, current ministers in private, using the round of summer parties to distance themselves from the fading king….

…Always travelling light on ideological baggage, never having won or wanted the affection of the Labour clan, Blair’s main asset was his “Trust me, I’m a regular guy” reputation. Now it is gone and will never be recovered…”

When was this written? The answer is nearly SEVEN years ago, by The Knife’s favourite leftie, George Galloway. He may be prone to personal failings, vain and prickly, and occasionally just wrong, but he called this one right. He is the man who took a lot of stick for predicting in detail the post-invasion chaos and the reasons for it. An intelligent man with a deep knowledge, even if biased, of the Middle East, he made fools of the US congress, and has never wavered from these beliefs.

There is a certain bien pensant middle class bore, who asks “where were you when you heard about Portillo?”. Well The Knife’s Portillo moment came on the 5th of May 2005, when George ousted the otherwise blameless Oona King, to get right under Blair’s skin, and put himself back in the public eye, where he belongs.

Of course, no-one is perfect, and George’s leotard antics, or his amusing spat with a local lawyer indicate a certain capacity to shoot himself in the foot. However, as the recent Question Time showed, when George is on his game, he’s one of the very best.

George and friends
George and another friend

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