TV docs

There are a lot of doctors who, one way or the other, are in the public eye. The Knife is a surgeon, and takes a keen interest in which members of the medical profession are on the box, in the news, advising the government and so on. There are two main groups:

1. The  ones who despite lots of laughable/annoying/bizarre habits, appearance etc are in fact still recognisably medics, who seem to think about patients and care about the profession

2. The sell-outs who seem to be in it for money, status, influence, whatever. They profess to care about patients, colleagues and the NHS, but they fail to convince. One suspects that however brainy they are, and how big their CV is, they were not actually very good at treating people.

So, in my humble opinion, group 1 includes:

Lord Robert Winston (Saddam lookalike, dyed moustache?)

Hilary Jones (dances on ice) and

Lord Ara Darzi (who is not stupid)

Group 2 would include:

Ian Gilmore (hates booze, control freak)

Sir Liam Donaldson (scaremongering Chief Medical Officer, enemy of trainee doctors) and

Evan Harris (utterly po-faced Lib Dem).

I haven’t mentioned Dr Nick from The Simpsons yet, but I’m fairly confident that he would have been a better CMO than Sir Liam.


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